Taxidriver course Evening November 2017


Begin: 06.11.2017
End: 24.11.2017

Management: Hr. Adamec, Hr. Anderle
Location: 1230 Vienna, Zetschegasse 15

Fees: 165,- EUR


In accordance with federal regulations (Bundesbetriebsordnung – BGBl. 951), you must meet the following requirements to receive a taxi driver’s license:

  • Passenger vehicle driving experience: 1 year minimum prior to issuance of the taxi license.
  • Minimum age: 21
  • Proof of completing a first aid course (at least 6 hours)
  • Proof of taxi driver training (must be provided to take the taxi driver exam).
  • Local police must verify your trustworthiness; background check covers the last five years.
  • After completing training, pass both the written and oral exam given by the examination board for Vienna.


You are responsible for registering for the exam with the passenger transport division of the Economic Chamber two weeks prior to the exam date.

Exam location: Economic Chamber Vienna (WKW), Schwarzenbergplatz 14, 1040 Vienna (see info board).

You must bring your driver’s license; the oral exam may be taken approx. one month after passing the written exam.

Exam fee: € 120

Repeat exam: € 72


Note: The exam fees are not included in the price of our training course!

Source: WKW Vienna – Taxiinnung (Economic Chamber Vienna, taxi guild). We make no assurances or guarantees regarding the above information. Please contact the taxi guild for the full details.

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