Taxi Driver & Radio Combination Course

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Taxicourse evening

Duration: 2 weeks
Hours: Monday – Friday, 6 PM – 10 PM
Location: Taxi 31300 Classroom, Zetschegasse (23rd District)


In accordance with federal regulations (Bundesbetriebsordnung – BGBl. 951), you must meet the following requirements to receive a taxi driver’s license:

  • An Austrian Class B driver’s license (Para. 65, Section 1, Motor Vehicle Act 1967), must be non-provisional. Holders of a foreign driver’s license must convert it to an Austrian license.
  • Passenger vehicle driving experience: 1 year minimum prior to issuance of the taxi license.
  • Minimum age: 21
  • Proof of completing a first aid course (at least 6 hours)/div>
  • Proof of taxi driver training (must be provided to take the taxi driver exam).
  • Local police must verify your trustworthiness; background check covers the last five years.

After completing training, pass both the written and oral exam given by the examination board for Vienna.

Die Prüfungsanmeldung muss selbständig in der Fachgruppe 2 Wochen vor Prüfungstermin erfolgen.

Exam location: Economic Chamber Vienna (WKW), Schwarzenbergplatz 14, 1040 Vienna (see info board).
You must bring your driver’s license; the oral exam may be taken approx. one month after passing the written exam.
Exam fee: € 120
Repeat exam: € 72

Note: The exam fees are not included in the price of our training course!
Source: WKW Vienna – Taxiinnung (Economic Chamber Vienna, taxi guild). We make no assurances or guarantees regarding the above information. Please contact the taxi guild for the full details.

now select a radio course:

To be able to handle the different situations that arise while operating a taxi, it may be necessary to complete additional training on certain topics. In particular, this pertains to:

  • Operating technical equipment
  • Conducting special transports
  • Conducting airport transfers
  • Handling cashless transactions

Our state-of-the-art 31300 classroom turns regular taxi drivers into 31300 taxi professionals!

More than 4,000 taxi drivers – including beginners and experienced veterans, drivers from Austria and abroad, firm owners who drive their own taxi, and drivers employed by a firm both full-time and part-time – have already earned a 31300 data card. These 31300 drivers are looked up to as reliable professionals by their taxi colleagues and, most importantly, by taxi customers throughout Vienna.

The course fee must be paid in full prior to the start of the course (please bring confirmation of payment with you on the first day!). Full payment gives you the right to take part in the above course, and your registration shall be considered binding. The selected course dates are subject to available space, and you will receive our confirmation within two working days.

If you withdraw from a course you have registered for prior to its start, we keep 30% of the course fee as a cancellation charge. In the event that you paid a discounted course fee (due to a special offer, package deal, etc.) and cancel your registration for one of the courses, the discount will be rescinded for all courses. To calculate the amount of the course fee that may potentially be refunded to you when you cancel on time, we will offset the amount you paid with the full regular price of each course and all applicable cancellation costs. Not showing up for a course without cancelling ahead of time, or withdrawing from a course that is in progress, does not entitle you to a refund, nor does it relieve you of your obligation to pay the full course fee. In the event that a course must be re-scheduled due to technical reasons, or due to a lack of sufficient participants, your registration will apply for the re-scheduled course. If you cannot attend on the re-scheduled dates, you may opt to do the course when it is next offered.


100% attendance is mandatory to receive your course confirmation!

By registering for a course, you confirm that you understand the course requirements and agree to abide by them.