Passenger Rights

Taxi passengers have a right to all of the following:

  • The taxi shall be in good order and clean.
  • Passengers shall have access to the taxi regulations, to a map of the city and street directory, and to the current taxi rates.
  • Passengers have the right to a neat, discreet, considerate and polite driver.
  • Passengers may choose any vehicle at a taxi stand.
  • Clean air inside the cab – e.g., taxi drivers may not smoke while transporting passengers.
  • The driver must open or close the vehicle windows and/or sunroof according to the wishes of the passenger (as long as this does not endanger the driver’s health).
  • Passengers have a right to be transported. Exceptions: Passengers who are inebriated or have a communicable disease, or passengers in possession of dangerous objects or substances (not including members of the police force). A driver may also deny transport to abusive passengers, including passengers who insult the driver, who dirty or physically damage the vehicle, or who smoke in a non-smoking taxi (clearly designated on the vehicle exterior).
  • Passengers may travel with an animal in the taxi, however the animal must be clean and pose no danger to the driver – and the dispatcher must be informed of the animal at the time of booking! Animals must remain on the floor throughout the ride and dogs must wear a muzzle.
  • Drivers are obligated to take the shortest possible route to your destination.
  • You have the right to ride alone in a taxi that you have booked.
  • Drivers shall provide assistance to passengers who require it (e.g., due to age or physical disability), specifically with loading baggage and getting in and out of the vehicle.
  • The driver shall be able to make change for bills up to 50 euros.
  • Passengers must receive a proper invoice (receipt) and may demand that it include the route (from/to), price, date, license plate no., official stamp of the taxi firm and driver’s signature.
  • Passengers shall have an unimpeded view of the taxi fare meter.
  • Passengers may request the “Taxi” sign be removed when traveling on rural roads or highways, or when being transported for a special occasion (wedding, confirmation, funeral and the like).

Our business terms and conditions can be found here: AGB
If you have a question regarding your rights as a taxi passenger, please contact us by email –– or direct your question to the passenger transport division of the Economic Chamber:

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